How I went from infertile to soooooo fertile in 30 days..

"If you read this to the end you will find out how I went from infertile to sooo fertile in 30 days"

Dear Friend,

What if I give you a pill that will make you so fertile in 30 days?

Imagine for a moment your infertility vanish right now....

Just think about it....

If, in a moment, you become fertile...

Like a magic wand was waived, you’d be able to have children and end your years of sorrow

Imagine how that will feel like for you..

Won’t you be happy if you don’t have to suffer the stigmatization of infertility again?

I know this sounds impossible right now, but bear with me, because sometimes miracle happens and...

This Miracle happened to me....

For many years I went through the challenges of infertility, from battling with hormonal imbalances, recurring chemical losses, down to failed fertility treatment and when I thought I had experienced the worst of life, I had an ectopic pregnancy.

You might be thinking if this was the epiphany of it all... Not all!!

I had to go through surgery, lost a tube as a result of an ectopic pregnancy that almost took my life. I was so broken! I went through so much in life but I knew this wasn’t how I wanted my life to be. I knew that God was leading me somewhere.

Though I had so much doubt in me, there was a little bit of faith that things will change..


A year after my ectopic pregnancy with no miscarriage or even a sign of pregnancy, I knew it was time to go back to the hospital. I booked an appointment, saw a gynecologist, after physical examination I was asked to do an Hsg..

For 3 months I prayed to God to bless me, I wasn’t ready for the pain of the test but had no choice because I was desperate!!


I went for a painful procedure but because my heart and soul was so heavy, I didn’t even feel the pain, I was just praying to God for everything to be okay. I was scared and worried and when I thought it was almost over, I was told that the only tube available was blocked and that was the day it dawned on me that I might not be able to conceive...

That day I resigned my faith and left everything to him, what else can I do? Yes I allowed the doctors do their job but it was nothing to write home about..


It was at this point I knew the Doctors could not save me, only I could save myself.

I went in search of the secret...

Like the lady of the night I kept on jumping from one medication to another.

It was as if God decided to get involved in my case because I was tired and I was on the verge of giving up but I decided to try just one last time.

Well, it did work. I got pregnant, had my first child and then the second…

I was shocked. It was like magic!!!

I mean it was...

  • check
    ​EXTREMELY QUICKLY. It worked immediately.
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    Easily - It required only minimal effort.
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    Permanently - I didn't just have my first child but a second one.

I want to show you this secret I  have been talking about. It made me become fertile but before I tell you about it, let me ask you a few questions.

Are you sure you are tired of being infertile?

Don’t you want to eradicate your underlying cause of infertility?

Do you really want to become pregnant?

Do you want to experience what I experienced?

Think about it..

Are you not tired of infertility and all the depression that comes with it?

If you are then let me introduce you to…

Phytoscience Double Stemcell


I was a bit skeptical about this gel and supplement until I realized

 that it's NAFDAC and FDA (International Standards) approved.

I thought this will only work for me so I decided to

share it with other people and here is what they have

to say for it...

In using this product you will go from infertile to 

soooo fertile in 30 days.

Just imagine yourself with yourself with your family a year from now, living happy, joyful with your child. Imagine for a second how joyful you will become when the pregnancy test reads positive. Don’t forget to think about how all you want will finally become a reality…

I have shared with you how my dreams came through.

Now, it’s time for yours.

I bought  this for N25,000.


No jokes!!


I want you to have this for waaaaaay cheaper than the price I got it for.

Get this Phytoscience Double

Stem Cell Pack for as cheap

as N15,000



100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you don't see results in 30 days, we will do you a full refund of your money and you can keep the product.


Every day I get testimonies like this from people and I feel 

fulfilled because they are experiencing the miracle I experienced

some years back. Don't you want to experience the same?

In 2 days from now, the price reverts to N25,000.

I am doing you a huge favor..

Think about it...

You are reading this right now...

Which do you prefer?

To keep suffering from infertility or...

Say goodbye to this and live a fertile life?



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